RateTheRef.co.uk Rules

Hello and welcome to RateTheRef.co.uk!

We hope that you enjoy your time on the site and to help you make yourself at home, we would be grateful if you would take a few moments to read the following guidelines.

1. Your Membership

1.1: Upon registering, you are asked to supply a valid email address so that we can verify your details. If you do not supply a valid email address then your membership will not be accepted. You may not use the same email address for more than one username. If there are changes to your email address, it is important that this is updated in your user profile so that the moderators and other members can contact you.

1.2: For your own safety, you are not allowed to include your home address or phone number in a thread or fixture comment. These will be edited or deleted as the moderators see fit. If you must pass on your details to another member, please do so via a private email. Likewise, the posting of another members personal details is not acceptable and the post, again, will be edited or deleted.

1.3: Your membership of RTR is at risk if you do not abide by the rules.

2. Rating the Ref – The Rating System

2.1: The Breakdown – each area of the referee’s performance should be rated between 1 and 51 being bad and 5 being good.

2.1.1: Communication – this areas assesses the referee’s ability and willingness to communicate with both the players and his colleagues. Some questions you might like to ask yourself before rating this section are:

  • Did he prefer to speak to players before showing a card, or did he just “dish out cards like confetti”?
  • Did he man-manage situations and if so, was it effective?
  • Was he willing to share a joke with the players, or was he unapproachable?
  • Did he communicate well with his assistants?

2.1.2: Consistency – this area assesses the referee’s approach to applying the LOTG (laws of the game). Was he consistent throughout or not?

2.1.3: Control – this area assesses the referee’s control on the match. For example, did the game look like it would boil over at any moment? Was the referee too soft, thus allowing problems to fester? Did the referee have the game by the scruff of the neck?

2.1.4: Fairness / Decision Making – this area assesses the referee’s ability to make key decisions. Did the referee correctly apply the laws and make the big decisions, or did he get them wrong? Did he seem uncertain at times?

2.1.5: Fitness – this area assesses the referee’s ability to keep up with play. When caught out of position, could he quickly and easily make up the ground and reposition himself? Could he keep up with play or was he often caught far from the play?

2.1.6: Flow – this area assesses the part the referee plays in the flow of the game. Please remember, sometimes a game may not flow, not because of the referee, but because players continuously break the rules. However, did the referee try to help the flow by playing good advantages or was he too “whistle happy”, not looking for potential advantages? Was the referee too picky with regards to the placing of free kicks, throws, etc, or with moving balls?

2.1.7: Positioning – this area assesses the referee’s positioning. Was he well positioned to see the key decisions? Was he well positioned to effectively use his assistants? Did he get deep or wide enough when play required it? Was he always in the way of the ball?

2.2: Please try to “rate the ref” appropriately in each category. Do not rate the ref 1 in each category because you thought he was “rubbish” or because you want to vent your frustration at your team losing. Take each category separately and give a fair mark from 1-5 for each category.

2.3: Do not use the system to bunk up or knock down referees in the refs league. At the end of the day it is not a serious league, it has no effect on a referee’s career. Therefore, please do not rate based on personal friendships, past history, or whether you personally like or dislike certain referees. Only rate based on the referee’s performance in the game you are rating. Members who we believe are targeting a referee or referees through their ratings run the risk of losing their membership of RTR.

2.4: It is impossible for you to be in two places at once. Therefore, it is impossible for you to be able to rate two non-televised games that are taking place at exactly the same time. Members who are found to be doing this will have their ratings and comments deleted. We understand that not all members live in the UK and therefore the televised games may vary, in which case, we ask that you make it clear in your comments that you have watched the game on TV in whatever country you are in. Likewise, it is possible that you have gone to a non-televised match and recorded a televised match that was on at the same time. Please make this clear in your comments too. If these are not made clear, your comments and ratings may be at risk.

3. Rating the Ref – Fixture Comments

Fixture comments are optional, so if you do add a comment, please abide by the following guidelines.

3.1: Please try to make your comments constructive. Do not just post comments such as “the ref was rubbish” or “crap”. These tell us nothing about the referee’s performance. Explain why he was rubbish. Was it his positioning? Was he too inconsistent? Or did he just make the big decisions incorrectly? Equally, do not just put comments such as “the ref was excellent” or “brilliant”. These tell us no more than a “poor” comment. Tell us why you thought he was brilliant. Was he consistent throughout? Did he get into excellent positions to have the best opportunity to make the big decisions, which he made correctly? The comments section is a very important section. One of the unique selling points of RTR is the mixture of fans and referees. It is interesting from a refereeing point of view to get a fans’ perspective of a refereeing performance. Therefore, if the site and the rating system are used correctly, we will have a diverse mix of views, opinions and perspectives.

3.2: As rule 3.1 says, do not use unconstructive comments such as “poor” or “brilliant”. One or two word comments such as these serve no purpose and tell us nothing about the referee’s performance and may be deleted by a moderator.

3.3: Fixture comments must not include profanity, racist material, or any other abusive language. If your comment contains any of these, it will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators. Please see rule 4.1 for full details on profanity.

3.4: Your comments must not use any language that could result in legal action taken against the website and its owners. Therefore comments that accuse the referee of being “biased”, “a cheat”, etc, will result in your comment being edited or deleted as the moderators feel is appropriate.

3.5: You may not attack fellow members in your comments just because you disagree with a comment they have made. Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it is different to yours. If you abuse another member in your comments, it may be edited or deleted. Please see rule 6.2 for further information about RTR’s approach to abusing other members.

4. Profanity and General Abusive Language

4.1: Swearing – RTR is used by people of all ages, so please refrain from swearing. There is no need to use profane language and any member using them will have their comment or post edited or deleted by the moderators. Attempts to circumvent this rule through the use of asterixes, or any other form of punctuation mark, by altering the spelling of the word, or using mnemonics such as “ffs” will result in the words being edited. Please find another way of expressing yourself.

4.2: Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic Comments – Comments such as these are not allowed on RTR. Any member expressing these views will have their comments or posts edited or deleted as the moderators feel is appropriate. Your membership may also be at risk. RTR and its owners do not condone the use of such language and/or opinions.

4.3: Adult Material – Remember, RTR is used by members of all ages, some of whom adult material and/or discussions may not be appropriate, so please refrain from discussing “adult” topics.

5. Libellous / Slanderous Comments

5.1: Any fixture comments or threads that contain libellous or slanderous language, whether aimed at a referee or another member, will result in that comment being edited or deleted by the moderators, and may also result in your membership being revoked.

6. Your Behaviour when using RTR

6.1: Abuse of Referees – RTR is not a vehicle for you to use to publicly vent your frustration about specific referees. By all means discuss referees and their performances, but any thread started with the intention of abusing a referee will result in it being deleted.

6.2: Abuse of Other Members – Every member of RTR has as much right to express their opinion as any other. Just because you happen to disagree with it, gives you no right to start threads to publicly abuse them. Please feel free to disagree with them or their opinion, but please respect that it is their opinion and that no matter how much you try and persuade them otherwise, they may never agree with your opinion. However, threads entitled “FAO XXX” specifically targeted to abuse are not permitted on RTR. If you have a grievance with another member, then carry on the discussion via private email. Likewise, if you have a question for another member, or you want to tell another member something, please do so via private email. If you still continue to be harrassed by another member, please take this issue up with the moderators or the site owners.

RTR is not a place to air grievances with other members in public. RTR is a place to discuss footballing and refereeing topics in an adult manner. Posts that are designed to abuse other members bring down the tone, reputation and standards of the website and will not be tolerated.

Any threads that abuse other members, or that are intended for the attention of one member only in order to abuse them, will be deleted.

7. TheRef, TheRefsAssistant and the Moderators

7.1: TheRef and the TheRefsAssistant – Please feel free to email them for any reason and if they do not get back immediately, it is not because they are ignoring you, they are probably busy with work or family, or on holiday. They will get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to email them via the email icon under their usernames or via the “Contact Us” link in the main menu if you have any questions or would like to know anything about the site. But remember, they do not get paid for keeping the website running so if you abuse the website, you are running the risk of the website being indefinitely closed.

7.2: The Moderators – These are curently Crispyspiders, Dannytheref, Mac and Markpud. They are members like you and have families and jobs outside of moderating this site, so please respect them. Ultimately, they do not want to restrict your enjoyment of the site, the rating system or the message boards. Ideally, they’d have nothing to do. However, without them looking after the day-to-day running of the site, it would cease to exist. They moderate the site with the full authority of TheRef. They are approachable, so if you have a problem or question about the site, you may find it easier to email one of them as they are more frequently available. If you have a complaint with one of the moderators, please email TheRef.

7.3: Abuse of the Moderators or Owners – Threads designed to abuse the moderators or owners will result in the thread being deleted. They give up their own time to help with the running of the site and do not come here to be abused. Direct your grievances to TheRef via private email.

8. Formatting Guidelines

8.1: Formatting your Messages – Please refrain from posting your entire message in bold. It looks untidy and is unnecessary.

8.2: Use of Capitals – Please refrain from posting threads or fixture comments in CAPITAL letters. When you post an entire thread in capital letters, you are seen as shouting and therefore goes against the basic etiquette of the site.

8.3: Text Speak – Please refrain from using text speak, that is, using abbreviated words that are sometimes difficult for members to read who are not used to such text. The moderators may edit or delete the post or fixure comment if the text is too difficult to read.

9. Spam

9.1: Spam, the linking to an external website to advertise your product or website to increase the number of “hits” to your website is not allowed. Offending threads or fixture comments will be edited or deleted as the moderators feel is appropriate. If you have a website that you feel other members may wish to visit, please email TheRef so that it may be added to the “links” page.

10. Posting Links

10.1: You are allowed to post links to other websites, provided they have something to do with the thread it is contained in, and/or the website does not contain anything that contravenes RTR rules. Please try to refrain from posting a link that contains adult material and/or images, but if you must, please make it perfectly clear in your message that the link contains adult material.

11. Touting

11.1: Please be aware that it is illegal to sell football tickets over the internet, except through the proper and official websites. This is touting and is not acceptable on RTR. Offending threads will be deleted.